The First Generation Audi A4

Audis first generation Audi A4 entered it’s concept stage during 1988, once sketches were approved, the first clay model was created during 1991 and in 1992 the first concept versions of the vehicle were built. The car made it to debut during January 1995 with north American sales following not long after in September 1995.

The A4 was unique in that it was a fairly large family car, which was built upon the Volkswagen Passat platform, featuring a front mounted engine and four wheel drive system. Further introduction seen a wagon / estate vehicle introduced later on during February 1996.

The first generation Audi A4 featured a surprising large array of engine choices, anywhere from small 4 cylinder 1.6 litre engines, to large 2.8 litre V6’s. Diesel options were also available with a 1.9 litre 4 cylinder, producing around 81kw.

Due to the large variation in specifications, it is recommended to use an Audi workshop manual when working on these cars. The importance of obtaining a copy of the Audi A4 workshop manual is due to the requirements of identifying the correct engine and body type for your car, so you can make the correct repairs and maintenance.

You can download free Audi Workshop Manuals at

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