A Guide to Finding the Best Wind Shield Wiper for Your Car

Wind shield has long been in existence even before the invention of cars. And even prior to the introduction of windshields most drivers use goggles at ensuring that their eyes are protected from several harsh weather conditions including dust, wind and a lot of other wind elements.

Crystal Clear Blades offers the best-heated windshield wiper for all car types In order to get the ideal wiper blades for your car; you have to consider first what works best for your wind shield. Refer to your car manual for assistance on how to get the perfect sized heated windshield wiper especially when buying from an online shop.

Types of Wiper Blades

We generally have two types of blades:

1 Traditional wiper: Traditional wipers consist of a metal and plastic ribbed frame which often exacts pressure on the rubber blade to clean dust, dirt’s, snow or water from the car’s wind shield. The traditional wipers are very popular and also less expensive.

  1. Beam-style wipers: These wipers consist of a small frame and an attached spring which fits them to the shape of a vehicles’ wind shield. The Beam wipers are explicitly built to wade off snow and ice during the winter seasons.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Wind Shield

The Heated wind shield wipers are available in different sizes and shapes. So you have to be very careful when buying one, especially from an online shop. Ensure you order for the right size for your wind shield.

With winter fast approaching, a lot of drivers are already gearing up for the season by having winter tires on their vehicles. These drivers often neglect their wind shield wiper blade.

You may want to ask, what’s the perfect wind shield wiper for my car during this winter? Well, there is no clear cut answer but getting the ideal wind shield wiper is sacrosanct.

The good news is that most of the newly manufactured vehicles come with a fitted all-purpose wiper. These factory fitted wipers can handle normal climatic conditions. But their efficiency cannot be trusted in harsh winter weather. Therefore installing a heated wind shield wiper is ideal to survive these conditions.

Heated wind shield wipers are built to combat snow and ice which is prevalent during the winter season, thus making for a clearer view. Windshield wiper blades with a hard rubber surface with a body built of strong gauge steel are best recommended during the winter. This is recommended because the blades will safeguard the wind shield from harsh weather conditions and stops it from freezing over if the weather gets too cold.

Improved upgrade or advancement has been made to the strong rubber material to the more reliable silicone by some manufacturers. This is due to the strong nature of the silicone over the rubber and also its easy cleaning advantage.

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