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Some auto dealerships regard extended warranty programs as just a way to upsell a little bit. They seldom stop to think about the damage that could be done to their reputation if they get their customers in with a program that turns out to be unable or unwilling to honor the contractual obligations contained in any extended warranty. Even though dealers have the expectation that their job is done once the contract is signed, the truth is that they need to look long and hard at signing on to a warranty claims provider that can truly do the job in an organized, cost-effective, and professional manner. They are the ones who will take the blame if things go wrong, and so they need to be careful about who they entrust with this part of their business.


Palmer Administration Services has been in the extended coverage business for 20 years. This means that they have a long track record of taking care of their dealer affiliates and providing the best possible protection at the most affordable cost. The Better Business Bureau seal of approval which has been awarded to Palmer also means that they keep their promises. Always. That’s really the bottom line which dealerships want from their extended warranty provider– no headaches or unpleasant surprises.

Palmer Administration Services produces this worry-free environment by only doing business with long-established firms that have their own continuing reputation to protect. Large nationwide parts suppliers, for example, provide significant discounts to a firm with as large a footprint as we are able to offer. Providing the same parts at a less expensive price ultimately adds up to a cost advantage for our customers. The same can be said of specialized repair contractors such as transmission shops, which are eager to have the bulk business which a nationwide client can provide.


Perhaps of even greater importance is their two decades of experience in administering these programs. Palmer knows how to get things done in an organized and prompt manner. Processes are designed from experience to speed the transaction rather than needlessly obstruct and delay things. Flexibility is another great advantage which they offer. Instead of a one-size-fits-all or three-sizes-fits most-everybody, Palmer warranty plans are engineered in such a fashion as to provide the level of coverage, from basic to ultra-comprehensive, that can be custom fit to the needs of any single buyer.

When you add up the Palmer Administration Services reputation for honesty and dependability, then couple that with their no-hassle administrative policies and the ability to customize coverage for anyone, it’s easy to see why so many dealerships all across the country prefer to do business with Palmer. Plus, all of that comes with the lowest price possible. No matter what your own individual needs might be, they can be taken care of by the industry leading experts at Palmer. Partnering with the auto protection experts from Palmer Administrative Services is a sure way to increase profitability through a menu of superior extended warranty protection programs.

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