Advantages of Using Driving Simulators for Student Drivers

Many scoff at the idea of driving simulators. Their argument is that nothing can replace the experience of learning to drive on real roads with a real car. This view point is somewhat true, but to begin with, it makes more sense to use a car simulator for training instead of starting on the road right away.

Get over the jitters

People who want to become drivers and get ready for a driving test often tends to be jittery with the car in the beginning. They are constantly worried about doing the wrong thing or getting into an accident. Using a car driving simulator for training can calm their nerves down and help them learn the basics of driving without mishaps.

Practice different scenarios

Accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Most of the times they happen because the driver or drivers involved are not prepared to deal with a scenario. They freeze up or make mistakes. But with a simulator, they can practice hundreds of different scenarios involving bad weather conditions, wildlife, pedestrians, and other drivers and so on. In real life this things simply cannot be practiced.


Learning from mistakes

Assessment and research has shown that it’s easier to learn from visual examples. This can be effectively seen in car simulators. Everything that a student driver does behind the wheel during a scenario is recorded.  So, this footage can be played back later for analysis and the student can see which decisions were right and which wrong. The instructor can talk about what happened and discuss alternative courses of action.

Practice makes perfect

Fuel costs are going steeper every day, so it is inconvenient to keep practicing one maneuver again and again when training on the road. But with the simulator drivers can repeatedly address their weak areas like parallel parking or reversing without worrying about fuel price or other distractions.

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