Advice on the Car Repair Process In Case Of Misfuelling

Has it ever happened to you where you have asked yourself whether I have put the wrong fuel in my car? If yes, then no worries! It is not something new; it is a common calamity these days in the UK. Please do not panic. The first thumb rule of mis-fuelling is not to start the engine. If by mistake you start the engine, the fuel will get contaminated resulting in damage to the engine.


Repair Process 

Once the initial shock of realising what you have done the next step is to call Wrong Fuel Recovery Team to drain out the fuel and rescue the car from any further damage. Before the team starts their work, check their credentials from reliable sources. Make sure they are fully accredited and insured. Car is an expensive asset, so ensure that your car is in safe hands and insured against any mishaps. The car engineer in the team will initiate his work by draining the cars fuel tank.  Once that is done, he will proceed to the engine to remove the wrong fuel from the fuel lines, injectors, fuel rail and the fuel filter.

Follow Engineer’s Advice 

A fuel additive is further added with some fresh fuel for your car. Once all the wrong fuel is drained out from the car, the engineer will start the car to ensure that the car engine and fuel system is working properly. You can head towards the nearest fuel station for refuelling the cars tank after he gives hands up.


Relax and Follow the Right Procedure 

In case, you are worried where this entire process can be done, don’t worry. Your garage forecourt is enough for the team to work on. Please do not listen if any of your neighbour come up to you and say that simply filling the car with the correct fuel will resolve the issue. It may sound cheaper but you might end up doing another blunder.


Once the car is back on the roads, keep an eye on your car performance. If your car is still giving you a tough time, then you may need to get it checked again.

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