Fantastic Dump Trucks and Where to Find Them

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Pardon a play on the recent Harry Potter movie, but I wanted to let you know about a few dump trucks and what makes them so fantastic. There are dump trucks that rate the largest, most luxurious, or most expensive. For most drivers, what makes a dump truck so good is the fact that it’s perfect for the job being done, and, of course, the driver. After all, the driver is in the truck every working day for many hours.


Meeting Job Site Requirements

The standard dump truck has a truck chassis with axles in the front and rear. The dump bed is attached and there’s a vertical hydraulic lift to tip it up in front. These trucks generally are easy to maneuver unless the soil is soft. Transfer dump trucks have separate trailers to increase hauling capacity without compromising maneuverability. Weight restrictions may limit their use.

Side dump trucks are two-axle semi-trailers with three-axle tractors. They use hydraulic rams to quickly dump a heavy load on either side. They must be operated by someone trained to handle the greater instability of the side dump. They don’t maneuver as well, but the speed of unloading is attractive.

Maneuverability depends on where the axles are located on the body. This affects turning radius, payload axle weight transfer, and allowable axle weight limits. Gross vehicle weights are tricky because loads get heavier when they are wet. The combination of axle and weight make it imperative to be familiar with the legal restrictions in the area the truck will be used. A fantastic dump truck has to be a safe, legit dump truck.


The material used in the dump body is important, too. Aluminum bodies can save fuel, but steel holds up to heavier loads and could be worth the extra fuel expense. Fuel efficiency and engine capacity are other factors that have to be matched to the job site before a truck is utilized.

Meeting Driver Requirements

“Try before you buy” is a good idea when it comes to trucks. That’s why it’s important to talk to dealers and manufacturers about the way different dump trucks are designed, and test drive as many as you can. Get in the cab and operate the controls yourself. You don’t know what it’s like until you do it. Training schools usually have a variety of trucks for the same reason. If you end up selecting a used truck, there will be a better understanding of why this particular truck is the perfect one for you.

Automated manual transmissions are increasingly popular because they combine technology with driver skill. The clutch and hand shifting are replaced by sensors, processors, and actuators to keep the engine running efficiently. The driver is free to concentrate on the situation on the site and can add more control where needed. This helps fuel bills, engine wear, and driver stress.


Dealers are able to show you the advantages and disadvantages of particular models. Mechanics are also good sources of advice. So are other drivers. But matching the truck to the job site and the driver will help you find that fantastic dump truck.

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