Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Automobile / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Hurricane creates havoc and destroys many lives and properties. It is necessary that we should prepare a checklist before it strikes. We should get our families and homes prepared from this disaster.

We should prepare a hurricane checklist. The checklist should include all necessary items required if any disaster strikes. It is better to make a stock of home supply and grocery stores. Once the hurricane warnings are issued, people become panicky and start rushing out to the stores to obtain their essential stuffs.

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You should keep ready in your hurricane stock six essential requirements. These include foodstuffs, pure drinking water, clothing, first aid medical supplies, beddings and tools. Keep the items in portable boxes and bags so that in time of emergency it is easy to carry. Make early preparations before the emergency hurricane warning is issued. Always buy fresh foodstuffs and stores so that they may last for a longer period. Check the manufacture and the expiry period of the medicines, so that you can use them even after the hurricane is over. Opt for long-term expiry period medicines.

If you have small babies then do not forget to buy their milk foods. Special attention should be given to small children. Their nappies and clothing should be packed properly so that they do not become contaminated. Weaker older persons and ailing persons require more care and concern. Store food supplies and water for three days per person. Do not bank on anybody because the rescue party may take time in reaching your place.

For hurricane food storage select non-perishable foodstuffs which do not require refrigeration or cooking such as, fresh fruits and dry fruits and nuts. Opt for food items which are packed and lightweight. Ready to eat canned meats, vegetables, cheese and fruits are best options. Canned juices and high energy foodstuffs which are rich in vitamins and minerals are best options.

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