Road Trip Plan in the UK

There are just some things about a road trip that gets you thrilled and excited. It comes with a genuine promise of making the best of your wanderlust. Just hearing about a road trip makes you want to pack your bags and set on a path to adventure. Road trips are meant to create memories that are simply unforgettable; it means spending quality time with your loved ones and makes a stronger bond with them. And no matter where the destination is it always unfolds a new adventure and the same ascending rhythm.

From the busy streets of London to the historic town of Stratford upon Avon, from the wild city lights to the freshness of the English countryside, the UK has many places for an awesome road trip. So pack your bags and gears, oil your car/bike and get ready for an adventure of your lifetime, cause here is the ultimate guide for a road trip right here in the UK.

In order go to a road trip there are a few pointers to be kept in mind when going on as road trip in the UK, these things are –

Plan Your Starting Point and Ending Destination: Before going on a road trip, the first thing that you need to decide is what the point of departure is and where this is your road trip going to end. This will help you to know where to take a stop and so that you know where you are going and not get lost easily.

Get Extra Cash: Always carry extra cash, don’t always be dependent on your card and cheque. Some places don’t always accept a card or cheque. Instead, keep extra cash handy.


Book Your Accommodations Beforehand: It is better to book your accommodations beforehand rather than booking it as you go; you might not find a room there and would have to spend your night in your car or some shady hotel. Booking your beforehand also saves you some money, so there’s that advantage.

Pack Some Snacks: When going on a road trip pack some snacks it is better to be prepared than not.

Always Keep Your Camera Handy: You never know what amazing scenery you might see or witness something spectacular, ho always keep your camera ready.

Here are a few suggestions for a road trip that you should consider going to this summer –

1) North Coast 500 of Scotland – As the name suggests this circular route is stretched across 500 miles in single, lonely track. The Inverness and the Black Isles, Sutherland and the Wester Ross offer a magnificent view of the mysterious ruins, toothy castles, and rugged fairways, fishing hamlets, single sand beaches and whiskey distilleries. The route is a great escape from the urban roads and is known to have unexpected traffic jams caused by the wayward Highland cows and stages.


2) A Circuit through Yorkshire – The road in Yorkshire moves from Moor to Dale and takes you on a journey through centuries of dark and medieval history – the backdrop of the battle of roses the bloody battle from the houses of Lancaster and York. But Yorkshire is best for people who love to drink ale and eat cheese

3) Atlantic Highway, Southwest England – This 218 km road is full of wild beauty and is the Hallmark of Southwest England. The A39 from Bridgewater to Bude is sandwiched between a succession of bays and beach breaks and the barley fields, takes you on a magical journey that twists and folds along the Devon and the Cornish coast.

4) The Road to Isles of Scotland – This 75 km scenic route from Fort William to Mallaig is like coming back to the Jacobi and the Victorian era, drive towards the west and you’ see series of movie location. The Glenfinnan Viaduct is where the infamous Harry Potter was filmed. Needless to say, it is big to go to place for Potterheads all around the world, but its mountains and lochs have garnered the interests of historians for centuries.

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