Selling Wrecked Vehicles Online

These days, many people are looking for new ways to dispose of their wrecked car, truck or another vehicle. If you are facing a situation of having a wrecked vehicle then you no longer have to just surrender to the offer the auto insurance company offers you. You can now easily sell your wrecked car without any issues through a new online platform called ‘Trade Your Wreck’ by Vemark. Trade Your Wreck buys wrecked and damaged cars directly from individuals. Repairing a damaged car might seem like the only option but now with Trade Your Wreck you can get more than the insurance company will offer you. Trade Your Wreck’s professionals examine the vehicle and determine the vehicle’s salvage value. If it is repairable, they help sell the car to get the maximum return so that you can leave your damaged vehicle and buy a brand new one.


Salvage Vehicle Parts

Vemark also offers a top rated online auto auction. Though there are plenty of online platforms that claim to provide the service not all of them are able to match up with the need of the buyers and sellers. A concrete salvage car platform and top notch auction software are available at Vemark understands the true requirements of buyers and also facilitates the process of transfer in a convenient manner. Their comprehensive and well-developed software (Salvage Now) eases the burden of buyers and sellers to a considerable extent as it provides for a smooth and reliable sale and transition process. With Salvage Now, Vemark has created the perfect, user-friendly, well-made platform that caters to wide range of customer requirements with absolute ease and enables users to make the right kind of choices in regards to salvage cars and other vehicles.


Best Online Salvage Auction Software

The Salvage Now platform offers an extensive range of options to buyers who are provided with a large pool of vehicle parts to choose from. The platform provides thorough search and finds options with regard to any sort of salvage vehicle parameters – from the year, make, model to location and beyond. Car dealers, brokers, used auto part buyers should all definitely take the time to explore Vemark’s Salvage Now auction product – the right kind of auction platform to help buyers find the best salvage cars and parts.

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