Set Up a Plush Dorm Room on a Budget

The last thing you want to do when sending your child off to college is to send them to a dorm room that feels so empty and lonely, it practically guarantees them homesickness. Of course, you will miss your child, and want to feel they will miss you too, but you need to set them up for success. To make sure you do not set them up for homesickness, at the same time as you avoid giving them a barren room to “settle” into, you also can’t send them packing with all of their childhood memorabilia. Give your child a fresh start, and a chance at a successful college career, with a whole new set of bedroom outfitting.

Of course, if you are a parent who is paying for your child’s college tuition, living expenses, books, insurance, and more, then you likely are trying to pull this all off while on a budget. That is why you need to take advantage of the amazing deals that Soft Surroundings is offering through its new partnership with savings and discounts king, Groupon Coupons.


If you have never heard of Groupon Coupons before, you might kick yourself on learning about this one – then again, if you still have younger ones at home, or plan to celebrate your empty nest instead of living a shuttered in life, you will love taking advantage of this new opportunity to save money. Take your college student’s dorm room for example. Using Soft Surroundings’ Groupon Coupons, you can score big time on everything from the duvet to pillow cases. You will love saving 50% off of bedding, 50% off of beauty and fragrance items, and even 75% off of items on the sale page!

You can set your child up in the dorm room of their dreams, but still not blow your budget out of the water in the process. Take advantage of your every opportunity to save during these years, as you are going to need every penny you have to pay for tuition and other college expenses that will come up out of nowhere in the next few years.

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