The Blog to Go to with Your Passion for a Special Car

Carbuzzn is a blog and is all about what auto obsession is currently. This blog was created because people are too busy at times to go in the right direction for news on cars. This blog leaves all the junk behind and only has the best parts of the industry.

Passion and energy

Buzzzn is about the passion and energy in the car market. When this blog was first developed it was about a person who is obsessed over many aspects of a car. These ‘obsessed’ people have sleepless nights and put all their passion and their heart and soul into building a car. Whether that’s the cup holder, the paint, the motor or the interior – it is someone’s dream.


In the beginning, this relationship began off that catalyst. Everyone has something in them that totally excites them. A true passion often begins in childhood or later in life, but there is always something so excitable that it gets you up and about.


Still a child inside

We never grow out of it – it doesn’t matter what we are going to do when it comes to an adult side of things your choices become more expensive.

All about Buzzzn

That’s all Buzzzn is – a car news blog where you talk with others about a car. When people talk about their special car, you can feel the excitement in their words. With this special car – a person never runs out of things to talk about it, never getting tired of reading about it or watching.

That special car

So, if you have a special car that you want to share about this car news blog is the place to check out. You also might find news about your special car.


The game

Carbuzzzn, the game is an exciting cool, new, addictive game for iPhone as well as Android use. This is a game where you can navigate Carbuzzzn cars through a major inner-city intersection in what is an attempt to stop a major accident. The more cars making it safely through, the more points you will get.

Practice mode

Start in “practice mode” to develop your dexterity and eye focus while getting the chance at a free Buzzz Coin Truck if you are good enough.

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