The Rise of Harley Davidson and the Biking Culture

Motorcycles were traditionally known for their ease of commute and convenience while being affordable at the same time. This has been changing lately at a very fast pace. Motorcycles are now becoming more of a trend and are becoming a part of the pop culture with their own separate segment in this culture, which is also known as the biking culture or the biker gang.

The Biker Crew and the Various Clubs

People who are crazy about bikes are usually part of certain groups/ clubs or ‘gangs’ as they like to call themselves. These groups/ clubs usually consist of regular people who are crazy about bikes and usually like to tour for long distances on holidays and weekends and visit various popular locations.

The Biking Culture and the choice of the Bikers

The culture of purchasing bikes with high performance is on the rise and one of the most prestigious motorcycles to own among these biking fanatics is one of the Harley Davidson Classics. The Harley Davidson Tourers or cruisers are bikes, which have their own class and segment. Every biker fanatic has or wants to ride these prestigious motorcycles at least once in their lifetime.


The popular choice among the Bikers

Harley Davidson is a 114-year-old American company and has been pleasing customers in western parts of the world for a little over a century. It entered India in 2009 and has been a popular choice among biking fanatics ever since. In fact, people have been known to import these bikes from America and other countries even before Harley Davidson officially entered.

Where can one buy a Harley Davidson

Today, one can purchase a new Harley Davidson from the 15 retail outlets Harley Davidson has across the country. Harley Davidson’s are not known to be cheap but for those looking for a cheaper alternative; the used bike market also has several used Harleys for sale. Most people selling their Harley Davidson’s are people looking to upgrade within Harley Davidson itself, from an entry level Harley to a more popular classic. If one likes to tour long distances on bikes, Harley Davidson is one of the most popular choices for them.

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