What Are the Advantages of Paint Free Dent Repair

Automobile / Friday, June 29th, 2018

A paint free dent repair is a revolutionary method that can help in saving time, money and preserving the value of your car. It does not leave any mark of the earlier dent. Many of the vehicle owners are not aware of this repair. This technique can provide a lot of benefits to its users.

What is paint free dent repair method? 

Paint free dent removal method uses specific tools to locate existing dents, reshaping the metal, and then again returning the exterior back to its original shape.

Features of PDR technique 

There are several features of this technique. Some of them are mentioned below as:

  • PDR is cost-effective as compared to an average conventional dent repair service.
  • There are several leading and trusted auto repair shops in Detroit. Detroit body shop is equipped with necessary tools to “repair” dents on the vehicle dents and can get them out without any issues.
  • With this technique, there is no need for sanding, body fillers, or repainting.
  • This method implies that the existing paint job remains intact. There is no stress to match paint colors in the vehicle.
  • The dents once remove from this method won’t come back. When a panel is treated with this technique, then it becomes stronger as it was before. 

Benefits of Paint free Dent Removal

PDR technique has been rated highly beneficial for vehicle owners. It provides a wide range of benefits to people such as: 

  • It delivers a high-quality outcome. Paint free dent repair appears good as the conventional methods that are used by body shops.
  • It is quick. The dent removal techniques and tools used in this method help in completing repairs in less amount of time as compared to other dent removal services. There is no hassle as well as no need for a rental car.
  • It is very much affordable. As this technique requires less time in repairing, the cost of labor is less.
  • Antique cars can also benefit from this dent repair technique without worrying of losing its antique value. 


Thus, paint free dent repair is a cutting-edge method that is helpful in removing dings and dents from the vehicle.

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