What to Do to Get Custom Decals for Your Truck or Other Vehicle

Truck decal lettering is easy for you to do. You just fill out the vehicle lettering instructions, send it to the company and the next business day, your decal kits will be sent back to you with installation instructions and a free squeegee tool to help with installation.


Instructions for vehicle lettering are online for you to complete the information for your decal kit. This is called the designer tool.

  1. First you enter your text
  2. Select the overall size
  3. Choose the font/typestyles
  4. Choose the main color
  5. Choose an optional effect
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Any comments – optional
  8. Quantity of decals

Please read the instructions for each step as there are several options that need to be identified.

Common questions

Will the decal have a background? – No. The decals are individual letters that come on a pre-spaced protective paper back and covering.

Why doesn’t carbon fiber or chrome show up on the designer? Due to limited patterns and colors of carbon fiber, chrome, reflective, brush, and some other specialty vinyl, they use a close color that is in the designer. When the design is cut into a decal, the proper specialty vinyl listed in the order will be used.


Truck decals

Truck decals graphics for any business are available. They make custom truck lettering and truck signs including custom truck decals as well as auto lettering.

Daily made

These custom decal orders are manufactured every work day Monday thru Friday and usually are made and then shipped in 24 hours. Depending on the destination your decal kits will arrive between 1 and 5 business days.

Check info on designer

Please check your design for grammar, spelling and colors before sending. If you are a returning customer there is an easy re-order form to use. This is the most important instruction that is given. They build your decal kits out of the information that you entered in the designer – if it is wrong; your decals will be wrong.


To better learn how to install custom truck lettering sign up for eDecal.com videos on YouTube and these videos will help.

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